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Делайте что хотите, но чтоб через полчаса в лесу было сухо, светло и медведь!

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"This is it. This is really it." (c)
just bear
If it wasn't for him I probably wouldn't have been here now.

It was him who gave me the basics in life my mother couldn't gave me. It was him who taught me to live, to love, to be strong, to work hard, to accept this world and myself, to celebrate diversity in any possible meaning, to be happy with my life no matter what. It was one of his fans who gave me my first computer nine years ago. It was the books he'd written that made me learn English and became a translator. It was him who'd set up the standarts for me I measure people now and that's why I don't make mistakes choosing someone to love ever since.

It was sixteen years of my life which means half of my life now.

I'm strong enough not to cry, mostly because I have too many people to console today, so I can't let myself fall apart; what I'm not strong enough is to turn on the TV - I can't stand to see the vultures all over his body.

It's all too fucking legendary, to the point of tastelessness.

I still can't believe I'm actually writing this today.

Turned off the comments, sorry - there's nothing to say, believe me.

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