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just bear

Делайте что хотите, но чтоб через полчаса в лесу было сухо, светло и медведь!

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The Things I'm Made Of
just bear
Based on a very true story.

Genre: autobiographic
Warning: NC-nobody-lives-that-long. And no beta, so if I'm kinda tongue-tied I'm really sorry.

I always hated teddy-bears. Let's face it - most of them are downright ugly. Those huge heads on tiny bodies and everything... And I'm not too fond of real bears either, 'cause they're not your cute teddies at all, they are fierce, menacing and unpredictable beasts. Did you know bears don't have any body language? They don't express their mood in any way; when a lion shows you it's angry by its tail and bared fangs and roar, a bear just attacks you without any warning and eats you alive starting from your head - go ask the survivors.

So yeah, I always preferred wolves and tigers.

Stuffed tigers tend to be ugly often too, though.

Then some guy from a town I call my native (though I was born in another place) wrote a song "Medveditsa" which means "female bear" in Russian. The bear in this song was actually a constellation, but it doesn't matter. What does matter is the video for this song. Life-sized teddy-bears had all kinds of sex with giant cucumbers. Hey, cucumbers weren't dildos, okay, they were just running around on two human legs and fucking those teddy-bears.

I guess I have to tell the whole story. The guy who wrote the song is one of the most popular Russian rock stars and to say he's a bit strange is to say nothing. His cat-like voice is strange and along with his smile and some bizarre things he used to say and the lyrics of his songs that sound like puzzles it could make you think he's on something. The truth is he's one of the most normal, strong, loving and talented people I've ever known. And he used to be a favorite among those exalted girls who are always sad and misunderstood by the whole world - I'm sure you know the kind. They thought his rhymed puzzles reflected their tormented souls. He was their enigmatic prince of bitter-sweet pain and pleasure.

Now welcome to some bathroom stall where a giant cucumber fucks a giant teddy-bear.

Unsurprisingly, exalted girls were shocked. SHOCKED.

I've seen fan-sites closed down because of that video. Yeah.

And Russian MTV refused to show it. The funny thing is that at the same time they had this "everybody loves MTV" ad campaign and in one of the spots some little white doggie did it with a TV set. You know, you can show a dog fucking a TV set, but a cucumber fucking a teddy-bear is, of course, inappropriate.

That's when I started this LJ and chose my username. Because I'd just seen how people thought somebody to be what he wasn't and resented him for not living up to their fantasies. And I'd seen media being as hypocritical as they may be. And I knew this guy still was that blue-eyed boy from my native town, strong, funny and brilliant, and I'd never forget his hand in mine the day we met. Yes, I had a chance to take some pictures with him, he actually came over to me after the concert, though I know how much he hates all that a-fangirl-meets-her-idol routine.

I was in love with him at the time, of course. :) I'm over it now and my current crush is thousand times stronger; but I'll always be Medveditsa. Because I'll always hate it when people fall in love with their own fantasies about someone and then detest said someone for being him/herself. I just trust people I love. If they take a step in some new direction I'll try to follow - that doesn't mean I'll love everything they do, but I will at least respect their choices.

Today is that guy's birthday. :) Thanks for my nickname, Ilya. I've made quite a name out of it and I'm kinda proud of it.

And most of those teddy-bears are okay after all, I guess. %)


Now if you are not too easily offended you may watch it yourself.

"Polar Bear (Me Eskimo)"/"Medveditsa" (used to be sung in Russian) - Single from Mumiy Troll's first English language digital-only five-song EP "Paradise Ahead." Confirmed for release on October 13, coinciding with massive two month tour of United States, Canada and Mexico.

(Enough to develop cucumber-phobia, I believe.)

One more link - no porn here, just click. You gotta love the text on the left. Really. Every word is true, I swear, especially about "combining warmth with total debauchery."

And this one was what made me fall in love with him seven years ago.

There's the line in this song that goes, "it wasn't hard to do, it was out of love."
That's what I keep thinking every time someone thanks me for the things I do now.


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"Это было не трудно, это по любви".

Меня эта реализация пробила, когда я посмотрела Francesco Лилианы Кавани. Там герой Микки Рурка произносит эту фразу почти что слово в слово. Смотрела я этот фильм в году этак 1996, после чего пошла в ГЛБ капать, что можно про Франциска Ассизского.

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