just bear

Делайте что хотите, но чтоб через полчаса в лесу было сухо, светло и медведь!

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17 мая
just bear

И вот мне еще картинку подкинули -

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Okay I have no idea what this means but I am betting it is some kind of holiday celebration!!! So YAY!!!!!

Next thing, we need a banner for the Doable fic to put at the top of each post. It needs to be related to the fic like a pix of Brian, one of Justin and then maybe both of them together naked from the top up as in bed kissing or going at it. It needs to read DOABLE by positive_pat What do you think. An icon for this too might be nice.

I will also email you later today for pictures for the next part. I am also working on "The Bet" series too. I am flowing with creativity. Just wait til you see what I am doing with my LJ posts this week. :)


That's what it is, Pat - IDAHO. :) I make a post with this animated banner every year. And the pic of two bears is just funny, 'cause "medveditsa" is "female bear" in Russian.

Don't forget to mention in your email which colors you want for the 'Doable' banner! ;)))

I swear I love your LJ name and the "female bear" meaning. LOL!!! You can start on the banner if you want to, I really don't care what colors, you decide. But basically since it is a "sex injury" we probably need a picture of Brian by himself on one side of the banner, Justin by himself on the other side of the banner, they can be clothed in these pictures and then in the middle a naked picture of them having sex all entangled together. The side pictures of them could actually be them watching themselves having sex. LOL!!! How perverted is that. :) What do you think does this sound good? As far as the background color you use, you decide. :)


блин, хочу попасть на гей-прайд!

Зацени, что у нас тут давеча в одном клубе было.
Айм факин прауд оф май таун, да.

вау, фигассе! крутые)))

интересно, каково тем, у кого ДР в этот день %)

95% населения ваще не в курсе, оставшимся 5% в кайф. ;)))

У Новодворской, например.
Вроде не страдает )))



My father's got his Bday on the 17th,May. Kinda funny. (Never discussed this question with him - what if he IS homophobic?:))

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